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Nick is available for keynote speaking engagements on the following topics:

  • What is Executive Loneliness and how to prevent isolation for your senior executives
  • Why Asia is a more challenging place to be the leader than the West
  • Identifying the symptoms of stress, isolation and depression at work
  • How does depression manifest itself, why executives cover it up and how you can help a suffering colleague
  • Leadership challenges, both internal and external, and how business leaders conquer them
  • Is digital transformation increasing executive isolation?

Appeared on on 21 Jan 2019

Innumerable benefits of a trusted network of peers

Nick Jonsson, Managing Director of Executives’ Global Network Singapore or EGN tells us how to always exceed those sales targets and stay motivated and how a trusted network of peers helps too.

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HR in Asia article

Lonely at the Top: Leaders in Asia Feel Isolated and Alienated from the Rest of the World

Executives’ loneliness in Singapore is further compounded by the fact that they are often reporting to head offices in Europe or the US, meaning they have to work late to ensure there is an overlap in the two locations’ working days

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Indvstrvs article

Executive Loneliness Impacts Performance in Asia

To combat loneliness, we encourage executives in Singapore to join a professional network.

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Being at the top of the corporate ladder can be lonely

Being at the top of the corporate ladder can be lonely, with fewer people you can turn to for guidance and support. Recently Money Mind’s Chew Wui Lynn and Stanley Leong spoke with Nick Jonsson, Managing Director of EGN (Executives’ Global Network) Singapore about how senior executives can be part of an effective peer support network.

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